Franchise Info

Stem Addition

In-School or Afterschool flying classes

Contract with DroneTogether to bring an interactive STEM addition to any classroom. DroneTogether is available to teach classes during the school day and in all after-school enrichment spaces.


  • Experiential STEM learning:the students enjoy a hands-on learning experience and work together to encourage skill growth and completing daily challenges, obstacles and courses.
  • Social and Emotional Learning:students work in pairs to help one another develop skills like self-regulation, communication, resilience, empathy and self-awareness.
  • Parent Communication:DroneTogether’s in-house communication system keeps parents updated on their child’s progress through the curriculum.

Intro to Drone Coding

Learn the basic language for coding drones

DroneTogether partners with schools to bring an Introduction to Drone Coding experience to students. DroneTogether brings all the flying equipment and software, and partners with the school to use a computer lab or portable laptop station for coding practice. After the team of students write the language, they deliver it to the drones and watch how the drones respond.


  • Project-Based STEM Learning:students apply real-world skills to real-world projects and begin to form a foundation for teamwork and cooperation in solving problems.
  • Social and Emotional Learning:SEL skills like communication, problem solving, decision-making, conflict resolution and leadership are practiced in each lesson.

Part 107 FAA Certification

Become a certified FAA pilot and start making money

DroneTogether brings an interactive, experiential certification course to your school and helps students take and pass the Part 107 FAA Certification exam. Once a student becomes certified, they are legally able to make money flying drones.


  • 9-Week Course
  • Students can begin to market their skills and earn wages for their time.
  • Students get a head-start in this growing field of technology and engineering.

The Drone Industry is booming:

  • The drone services market size is expected to grow to $63.6 billion by 2025
  • In the next 5 years, the drone industry is projected to grow by 51.1%
  • Drone growth will occur across five main segments of the enterprise industry: Agriculture, construction and mining, insurance, media and telecommunications, and law enforcement

Career Readiness

After certification, learn how to start your own company flying drones

DroneTogether spends nine weeks teaching, practicing and designing ways to enter many of the newest segments in the drone industry. Our experiential classes allow the students to practice many of the skills needed to enter these segments. One of the most exciting aspects of the class is the Capstone Project, where students create and design their own drone company.


  • Real life experiential learning
  • Capstone Project: create and design your own company